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Meet the Teachers

Pennie Ellis.jpeg

Pennie Ellis

Elementary Art

Pennie Ellis has taught all grade levels from kindergarten through graduate school throughout her career and has been teaching consistently at Conant Elementary for nearly twenty years.  She loves working in most art media, especially watercolor, ceramics, and charcoal, but creating art challenges for children to solve is the most rewarding.  She enjoys working out, being part of her lake community, and spending time with her daughter and dog.

Molnar, Mallory.jpg

Mallory Molnar

Elementary Art

Mallory Molnar teaches at Way Elementary and Lone Pine Elementary. This will be Mallory’s ninth year teaching art at BHS and her twelfth year as an art educator. Her favorite part about working with artists is the “buzz” in the studio as students excitedly create and share their artwork.


Anne Musson

Elementary Art

Anne Musson has been the art teacher at Eastover Elementary for 18 years, and this year she also taught Bloomfield Virtual classes.  She enjoys teaching young artists because of their enthusiasm and willingness to experiment with new ideas.  In her spare time, she likes to travel, bake, and spend time with her twin daughters.

me 2020-21.jpg

Jacquelynne Alizadeh

Middle School Art

Jacquelynne Alizadeh has been the art teacher at Bloomfield Hills Middle School for twenty-six years.  She loves the middle school energy and credits the students for keeping her young at heart!  Drawing, watercolor, knitting, gardening, and her family keep her busy at home.


Lara Bushon

Middle School Art

Lara Bushon grew up attending Bloomfield Hills Schools and is in her 17th year as an art teacher back in her hometown, teaching 4th-8th grade at West Hills and 5th grade for Bloomfield Virtual.  She loves creating art with her own two boys at home, dancing, cooking and being barefoot in the sunshine!


Christina Rayburn

Middle School Art

 Christina Rayburn teaches visual art to 4th-8th grades at Easts Hills Middle School. This will be her fourteenth year teaching art at BHS and eighteenth year as an art educator. Christina’s favorite part of teaching art is the enthusiasm of her students and watching them develop their creative skills and confidence in making artwork. In her spare time, Christina enjoys making her own artwork, gardening, and entertaining her 3 year old son.


Tessa Basirico

High School Drawing, Painting, AP Art & Design, DP Visual Art

Tessa Basirico teaches Drawing, Painting, AP Art and Design, and DP Visual Art at Bloomfield Hills High School. This will be her 26th year as an art educator, with 20 years in Bloomfield Hills Schools. Every day is still an adventure full of inspiration and watching great ideas become reality. In her spare time she enjoys painting, gardening, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

Beauchamp 2021.jpg

Matthew Beauchamp

High School Ceramics, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art

Matthew Beauchamp teaches Ceramics and Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art at Bloomfield Hills High School. For over 29 years, Matt has worked hard to create a student-centered, high-quality learning environment for his students.  Matt is also the primary sculptor and creative director for Hydra Miniatures, his tabletop gaming company.  In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family and his cats, eating tacos, and listening to heavy music.

Barb Portrait 2021 Bio 2.jpg

Barb Brownson

High School Photography, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Barb Brownson has been an Art Educator for 27 years in the Bloomfield Hills School district at the high school level. She currently teaches Photography and Jewelry/Metalsmithing. Some of Barb’s passions include glass bead making, metalsmithing, and photography. Her appetite for art making continues to grow and is fueled by the young people she has the privilege of working with at the high school.

Peg Pasternak Portrait.jpg

Peg Pasternak

High School Graphic Design & Digital Art

Peg Pasternak teaches Graphic Design and Digital Art at Bloomfield Hills High School. This is her fourteenth year teaching in Bloomfield Hills. In her spare time she is an avid painter. Her students are a constant source of inspiration.

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